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YGG discusses “The competence of youth workers” in Rome, Italy!

Youth for Global Growth has participated in a training course, entitled “Game of Cultures: New challenges for our communities”, which held in Rome, Italy from 16-23 February 2020. This course gathered more than 30 young people from different EU countries and Southern Mediterranean countries together to find a way to improve the competence of youth workers to promote the active role of local communities in the inclusion of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

The so called “refugee crisis”, which Europe experienced between 2015-2017 brought consequences in the EU policy and in youth work practices.
Nowadays, when the emergency phase and the media attention is over, youth workers and local communities are facing new challenges and need to develop their own competences in working with young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Youth for Global Growth believes that everyone is involved in an intercultural learning process and has a crucial role to actively involve local communities.

In this program, we explored the Italian example of inclusion process and the active involvement of the local communities. Furthermore, we discussed the challenges that migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and youth workers face today at European and local level.

YGG clarified the importance to offer a space for sharing good practices in inclusion of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. The importance to earn and develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to work on diversity, intercultural learning and inclusion.
The program was a chance to identify international opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programs to promote networking and partnership among participants.

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