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Everbody deserves clean water!
Youth for Global Growth is trying to make an impact and grab attention to those who need us the most. 2020 is approaching and there are still people who are walking miles everyday to fill in water.

This project is divided into two main stages: the first one is arranging a charity marathon that takes place in Ismailia, Egypt on the 13th of December 2019 as part of a fundraising campaign targeting the costs of at least 10 water links that would be enough to serve a small rural village near Manayef, Ismailia. This stage takes place with the help of a dynamic group of young people called Ismailia Runners.

On the second stage, the YGG will be able with these funds to deliver water for at least 50 families. The local partner for the water links activity is the famous charity organization’Misr Elkhier’.