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Youth for Global Growth has been invited to the annual civil society forum for dialogue and collaboration by the Swedish Government! 14 – 16 September, 2020

Youth for Global Growth has received an invitation from Peter Eriksson, the Minister for International Development Cooperation to attend this year’s civil society forum for dialogue and collaboration by the Swedish Government. 14 – 16 September, 2020  

Around the world, democratic space is shrinking even further as a result of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, civil society’s ability to operate has been further curtailed due to closures and restrictions on freedom of movement. As government ministers and civil society members, what can we do to support the poorest and most vulnerable who are hard hit by the impacts of the pandemic?

Through the joint commitments to strengthen dialogue and collaboration in the area of development cooperation, the Government and civil society have together laid the foundation for cooperation on issues such as these. By continuing to work together, we can share experiences and support each other to tackle the difficult situation that many people are in, and which the pandemic is exacerbating.

Within the framework of the joint commitments, the Government and civil society are co- organising a yearly forum. The focus this year is on how to engage young and informal movements in promoting democracy, human rights and the rule of law. This year’s forum will be held digitally and in cooperation with the Sida Partnership Forum and several Swedish missions abroad, namely the embassies in Bogota and Nairobi, and the Swedish Dialogue Institute in Amman.

One of the main purposes of the joint commitments is to promote cooperation in the field between the Government and Sida on the one hand and civil society organisations on the other. During this year’s forum, the missions abroad will be acting as nodes for some of the discussions that take place. The forum aims to be truly interactive, and we will also set up a digital bulletin board where participants can post information, videos and more.

The civil society forum also aims to be a learning event, so this year we will have small group discussions on six different case studies produced by some of the invited civil society organisations.

A new working group for the joint commitments will also be elected at the forum. A nominations committee will propose new members of the working group; more information will follow.

Stay tuned…

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