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About us

We are a group of 10 young people from 7 different nationalities of 4 different continents pursuing their ambitions and trying to simply do good in this world.

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The challenges our generation is facing are complex as well as interconnected, they are rapidly modifying and threatening the world as we understand it today. They require innovative and comprehensive solutions. We believe youth empowerment is a crucial step on this path because it encourages intercultural dialogue, innovation and joint action.


The standards through which we aim to achieve a more equal and just world, focus on the reduction of global inequalities, keeping in mind that these are multidimensional challenges affecting all. These axes are portrayed in the Sustainable Development Goals (​SDG’s) which the UN set for the 2030 agenda.

We have a vision that this can not be implemented without fair communities and good environment allowing and enabling young people to be future leaders. This is in accordance with the human rights set forth in the international principles.

Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to build a better future for everyone

Secretary General

Abdullah Magdi

Abdullah is a lawyer & Human Rights Activist specialized in engaging with the UN mechanisms, an entrepreneur, and instructor. During his degree, volunteer work was among his commitments. He resolved to create, innovate and support to maximize his impact.


Marta Howe

Marta grew up in Italy, she is a half Spanish half American and holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations. Professionally she has engaged in issues of political instability with a focus on the African continent.


Ahmed Said

Ahmed lives in Geneva and comes from Somalia. He has completed his studies in international business and is currently working as financial accountant for the Social Institute of the City of Geneva. He has an interest in issues regarding the human rights, peace & development focus in Africa.

Vice President

Silvia Caraballo

Silvia is half Cuban half Norwegian and completed her degree in International Relations in Spain. Her personal interest and professional career has been focused on issues regarding migration, cultural diversity and intercultural exchange.

Vice President

Yasmeen Abu Salah

Yasmeen grew up in Jordan and studied Medical Laboratory Sciences. Her professional career is in non formal education, and her interests are in voluntary work, culture diversity and women empowerment.


Ines A. Fernández

Inés grew up in Spain and studied a degree in International Relations. Her professional interest is found in human rights and protection of vulnerable collectives. She is currently living in Mexico where she is engaged in issues related to human rights, peace and conflict.

IT director

G. Emanuele barbato

Emanuele is Italian, he studied Electronic Engineering and he's working for an IT company in Bulgaria. Passionate about global issues and entrepreneurship, he would like to put technology and innovation at the service of humanity for a better world.


Haya Yasseen

Haya is 24 year old, she is a Palestinian girl living in Jordan who studied French Literature. She is a trainer for educational programs and is passionate in helping local communities, national and international volunteering and discovering other cultures.

Regulatory manager

Mohamed Sharaf

Mohammed grew up in Egypt and holds a bachelor’s degree in Shariah and Law, works as a technical support agent at Amazon Germany. His personal interests are in freedom of speech and youth empowerment.